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  • Crates

    Want to do something nice for yourself? Want to help the server? This is where you find it. A vote party for the whole server? A spawner crate for yourself to build that dream grinder? Check them out.

    Tag Crate 5.00 USD Buy
    Vote Party 8.00 USD Buy
    Spawner Crate 18.00 USD Buy
    1 Ancient Crate 7.00 USD Buy
    5 Ancient Crates 34.00 USD Buy
    10 Ancient Crate 60.00 USD Buy
    Ancient Crate Party 15.00 USD Buy
    5 Founders Crates 10.00 USD Buy
    10 Founders Crates 18.00 USD Buy
    15 Founders Crates 25.00 USD Buy
    Founders Crate Party 15.00 USD Buy